A fan of sushi in California pulled itself from the five-foot worm


Photo: Kim Kyung Hoon / Reuters

In California a man who ate sushi every day, got beef tapeworm length of half a meter. It is reported by the TV station KCRA3.

The man told the doctor at the local hospital Kenny ban, they suffered from bloody diarrhea. During the next visit to the toilet he found that it goes from something weird. This proved to be a long worm, which the patient is put in a plastic bag and brought to the hospital. He also told the doctor that after the Exodus the worm continued to move.

A fan of sushi in California pulled itself from the wall, cervetto: KCRA3

Live podcast This Won’t Hurt A Bit Ban said, to catch the parasite can be in many ways, but the story of the patient, he never went outside the country and did not do anything that could cause. However, the man confessed to a special love for sushi, especially sashimi with raw salmon, which he ate every day. It could cause infection.

Last year, Taiwan’s doctors have learned from girls tapeworm with a length of two feet after she ate a piece of poor quality land.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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