Belarus will strengthen the protection of the Baltic States and Ukrainians


Photo: Victor Tolochko / RIA Novosti

Belarus will strengthen the protection of the state border with Ukraine and the Baltic States in 2018. About it reports Reuters Monday, January 22.

It is noted that the decision by President Alexander Lukashenko made “taking into account the new elements of the situation.” So, one of them was the migration crisis and increase of level of terrorist threat in Europe, which, in the opinion of the Belarusian authorities lead to a rise in smuggling of weapons, ammunition and explosives.

In this regard the infrastructure on the border and the border area decided to strengthen, Ukrainian and Baltic destinations will be new formation of guards.

On 16 January the Belarusian border guards discovered on the border with Lithuania going to the Republic of unmanned trolley made in handicraft conditions. It was noted that the device supposedly created by the smugglers to “reconnaissance” of the area.

In November it was reported about the detention in Minsk, the Ukrainian journalist Paul Sharoika who confessed to spying. According to the Belarusian state security Committee (KGB), a journalist working for the Advisor of the Embassy of Ukraine to Belarus Igor Skvortsov, who collected military information.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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