In Italy have arrested the mayor for his ties to the mafia


Photo: Carabinieri di Agrigento

The mayor of the Italian town San Biagio Platani was arrested by the carabinieri during an operation against the Sicilian mafia organization “Koza Nostra”. About it reports on Monday, January 22, ANSA.

The operation took place in the province of Agrigento. In total were detained 56 people, among them representatives of 16 mafia families as well as prospective bosses and affiliated with a group of persons.

The prisoner regarded the establishment of a mafia-like organization, fraud and extortion, drug trafficking, transfers Agrigento Notizie. Conducted dozens of searches, and seven companies owned by the members of the clan passed into the property of the state.

Investigators also suspect taken into custody the mayor of Santo Sabella got the position because of the links with the “Cosa Nostra”.

In October 2017, it was reported that the leader of the Sicilian mafia ordered his son to kill his sister for having an affair with a policeman. This was announced during the held on the island of special operations to combat organized crime.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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