Skinny models were told to fat


Photo: Asos

Online fashion store Asos offered in multiple models working for him on a regular basis to gain weight. It is reported by The Sun.

As explained by one of the models, a spokesman for the retailer told her that she is “too skinny”. According to an employee of the company, it is connected with recent criticism of Victoria Beckham for use in the filming of an advertising campaign 29-year-old Hydra Zukauskaite, characterized by extreme thinness. “In these circumstances, we must be careful,” said the employee.

The initiative was supported by plus-size model and founder of the movement in support of body positivity Self Love Brings Beauty (“Love for yourself brings beauty”) felicity Hayward. “On the planet there are no two absolutely identical people. We are all different and beautiful in its own way, and brands the time to understand it,” she said.

“However, not all models are working for Asos, approved the new requirement. I have a normal eighth size (European size 36) and I’m upset that they are causing issues. They have to be politically correct after the incident with Beckham, but I’m happy with my body,” said one of them.

In July of 2017 Twitter users from Russia drew attention to the appearance of male models in the online store ASOS. Mikroblogerami thought they look unhappy. Photography inspired the user, first noticed the sadness in the eyes of the models, the creation of a separate Telegram-channel Sad ASOS Models (“Thoughts sad models”).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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