Alfa-Bank decided to follow the emotions of the Russians


Photo: Anton Belitsky / Russian Look /

Alfa-Bank has announced the launch of a technology track and analyze emotions of clients. This is stated in the message Bank, which is at the disposal “of the»

Emotions the Bank will monitor online in its branches: the client comes to the Bank gets the service, and a special camera captures his emotions and on the basis of the algorithm will give a score to the staff for service.

“In the course of work on the concept, we conducted a comparison of existing solutions, and by the end of the pilot we expect to close all risks, to gain experience with the new technology and collect data for further Analytics,” — said the head of the R&D Department of the Bank Anatoly Petrov.

The organization noted that the success of the pilot project could save the clients from the surveys and phone calls, which the Bank usually measures the level of satisfaction with the service received. By using the new system, the Bank plans to analyze the work of their offices. The Bank expects that the new technology will help improve the quality of service and to automate internal business processes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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