Died actor Oleg Graph


Photo: a movie theater.ru

Actor Oleg Earl died on the 50th year of life. The cause of his death is still unknown, says NSN.

The actor graduated in 1991 drama school at the Crimean Ukrainian theatre of drama and musical Comedy. After the collapse of the USSR, he left the profession, but returned to cinema in 2013: entered the Moscow state University of culture.

Graf mostly played the role of the second plan. Actor has played in such movies and TV shows as “the doctors”, “the Fifth guard”, “Need a leader”, “Rural teacher”, “Lie”, “Univer”. “The new Dorm” and others. His heroes were often doctors, forensic experts and accountants. In the documentary film “Liberation of Europe” the Count was played by the 33rd US President Harry Truman and in the film “Zero World” of Nicholas I.

Graf also was involved in Theater productions at the Butyrka. He directed performances of “About a naughty Rabbit”, “Olympics” and “the Pupil”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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