Saakashvili has demanded to resume the criminal case against him


Michael Saakashvilithe: RIA Novosti

The former Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili has demanded from the Prosecutor General of Ukraine to renew opened a criminal case against him. He told about it to TV channel NewsOne.

“Yes, indeed, today we received the decision of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine on suspension of the case. They say that if something is, only in cooperation with the Netherlands. Here the situation is very simple: they broke through the next bottom. Now it is proved that there was no conversation with Kurchenko was fitting … I demand to have the case reopened, I demand you let me back in Ukraine”, — Saakashvili said.

Earlier, the Ukrainian investigators found when disgraced politician with a local businessman Kurchenko and the Russian special services “for destabilizacia situation in the country.” March 12, press Secretary of the PGO Andriy Lysenko wrote in his Facebook that the Agency has suspended criminal proceedings against Saakashvili “to receive international assistance, for which the GPU appealed to the Netherlands for execution of procedural and investigative actions with the participation of the suspect”.

The policy is deported from the territory of Ukraine to Poland on 12 February. He was detained in one of the restaurants of Kiev with the use of brute force, was taken to the Borispol airport by helicopter, and then transplanted on the plane to Warsaw. The former Governor went to Holland, where his family lives. There, on 14 February, it issued the certificate.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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