The British told the hundreds of raped girls and police inaction


Photo: Phil Noble / Reuters

In the British town of Telford for 40 years at the hands of perverts and rapists suffered to thousands of girls. According to the Mirror’s investigation, published March 11, sex crimes against minors are perpetrated EN masse since the 1980s years, but the authorities practically do nothing.

According to the publication, the gang of criminals, mainly immigrants from Asian countries, aimed at girls of about 11 years. They are kidnapped, hooked on drugs, beaten and raped. With 1990-ies, the social workers knew what was happening, but the police started to take any action only a decade later. It is reported that in 2010-2012, law enforcement officers found about 200 suspects in the attacks and closed the case, sending to jail nine people.

At the same time, children who have been abused or victims of human traffickers, were branded prostitutes, and criminals-Asians are not kept for fear of police being branded as racist, writes the Mirror. It is also reported that the guards are trying to delay the case.

The situation in the inquiry is the most serious and long-term in the United Kingdom: the population of Telford is only 170 thousand people.

As writes BBC News, in the city called for a new independent investigation. Local MP Lucy Allan stated that he would raise the issue in Parliament. According to her, the last data is “serious and shocking” and the decision in 2016 not to conduct a new investigation should be revised. The police also pointed out that the accusations of media “extremely serious” but in General, the information “not new”.

Similar scandals earlier flared up in other cities including Newcastle, Rochdale and London. Gangs of immigrants, violence and engaging in prostitution of underage white British women, work in the UK for many years. One of the most serious is the situation in the English town of Rotherham with a population of over 250 thousand people. In 2014, local human rights activists have published a report which said that for 16 years the Pakistanis have raped more than 1.4 thousand local girls aged 11 to 15 years. They were attacked in cars, parks, even on the Playground, and then threatened with violence.

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