Bitcoin predicted a second bottom


Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti

The cost of bitcoin will fall below the February lows, warned clients of the investment Bank Goldman Sachs. This writes the Business Insider.

According to analysts the Bank, the new drop will lead another cryptocurrency, bitcoin exchange rate will decrease from 9 thousand to $ 7 thousand.

As suggested by the technical Manager and strategies Goldman Sachs Sheba Jafari, the probability that cryptocurrency falls below 5.9 thousand dollars, to which it became cheaper 6 Feb. In late February, Forbes and CoinDesk wrote that bitcoin dropping to this level has passed the bottom value.

Writes Colintelegraph, Jafari often criticized bitcoin in mid-2017 it is predicted that by year-end cryptocurrency will cost 4 thousand dollars. In December 2017, bitcoin reached a maximum in the history of point — almost 20 thousand dollars, at the beginning of 2018 all cryptocurrencies started to fall.

09:40 GMT on 13 March, the bitcoin exchange rate amounted to 9.3 thousand dollars, on the evening of 12 March, he fell to 8.8 thousand dollars.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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