Chichvarkin complained nibble on seeds of spies in London


Eugene Chichvarkinu: @tot_samy_chichvarkin

The founder of “Euroset” Chichvarkin, who moved to Britain almost 10 years ago, told about surveillance in London. He stated that The New York Times.

According to the entrepreneur, he noticed he was under surveillance, and shortly after settled in the UK. Chichvarkin said that in front of his house for hours there were two or three people. They nibble sunflower seeds, and this habit is widespread in the Russian hinterland. “Stirlitz has arrived” — said the businessman.

However, in London Chichvarkin feels safer than in Moscow, because here the employees of the Russian intelligence hands are tied. “In Moscow, they can use weapons,” — said the businessman.

Surveillance of said and ally of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, former Executive Director of the Fund of struggle against corruption Vladimir Ashurkov, who moved to the UK in 2014. According to him, he had already gone through “a period of paranoia”. Others interviewed by the newspaper said the Russians that try to be alert.

Chichvarkin left Russia in 2008 — shortly after it became known about the sale of “Euroset” investment company ANN. In Russia, the businessman was declared wanted on charges of kidnapping and extortion, but later criminal case against him was dropped. Chichvarkin has said that he would not return to Russia, fearing further persecution. Now he owns a wine store Hedonism Wines in London.

On March 4, on a bench in the Park in the British city of Salisbury was found unconscious ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia. They were poisoned with nerve agent. They were hospitalized, currently they are in a coma.

In Britain said that a man and his daughter had been poisoned by a substance “Beginner”, allegedly developed in the Soviet Union. London threatened to equate the situation “the use of unlawful force by the Russian government against the United Kingdom”. Russia refused to answer the ultimatum of great Britain, until it fulfills its obligations and will not give access to the case materials.

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