Complained of torture of a Russian citizen found hanged in jail


Photo: Vladimir Song / RIA Novosti

The enterprise Alexander Zakamskiy on the eve of his death was reported by the judge of the Central district court that the arresting security forces tortured and beat a confession out of him. The next day, 26-year-old man was found hanging from a torn bed sheet in the detention center, writes “New Kaliningrad”.

In conversation with the edition of the wife of the deceased Elizabeth said he did not believe in suicide of the spouse. In her opinion, Alexander was killed for a story about torture. “Anyone who knows about prison, saying that it is impossible to commit suicide. And he wouldn’t have done that on my birthday, March 8. Could not because his cancer patient mother. She always helped and never would have left her”, she added.

Zakamskiy arrested March 4 on suspicion of drug possession. According to “the New Kaliningrad”, the man told the investigator, as after the detention of people who introduced themselves as FSB officers, brought his friends to the garage, which he rented from a friend and began “to beat out” confessions. According to the enterprise, it was brought into the room, completely stripped, put on the head package and wrapped the rags. At this time his friends were beaten on the outside.

“As I understand it, in the garage found something, and told me: “Confess, where he took the drugs”. I didn’t understand what was going on, tried with these people to talk, but I didn’t listen and continued to beat. I was beaten with truncheons, feet, hands and Taser, forced to squat, put on the stretch, and was beaten on the heels and threatened to cut off my toe,” — said in the interrogation. Zakamskiy argued that torture lasted two to three hours. Later, the law enforcers said that he had found in his pocket 600 grams of amphetamine.

The next day the man was found with his lawyer Rostislav Kulikov, who noticed the body of men signs of beatings. The TRANS-Kama told him that after the garage he was taken to the narcological dispensary, where he was forced to tell the doctor that the injuries from his fall down the stairs. “To receive such injuries, we should probably off the ladder several times to fall,” said the defender.

March 7, according to the decision of the Central district court of the TRANS-Kama was taken into custody. He died the next day, but on his death it became known only on March 11. “New Kaliningrad” adds that the investigation of his death was engaged in the Military investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Kaliningrad garrison. In SIZO No. 1 in official inspection. The publication does not specify whether the case is brought.

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