Discovered the source of the mysterious radiation in the milky Way


Photo: NASA / AP

Astronomers have found that the source of gamma-rays emitted in excess of the center of the milky Way, not dark matter as previously thought, and the accumulation of neutron stars. This publication reports Science Alert.

Gamma radiation is formed by high-energy photons, which are emitted by cosmic objects such as supernovae, neutron stars and black holes. Astronomers with the space telescope Fermi is designed to monitor different areas of the cosmos in the gamma-range, take into account all possible sources of intense radiation in the center of the milky Way. However, this left an excess of gamma rays, the source of which, as expected, was dark matter.

It is believed that dark matter consists of hypothetical massive particles — vimov. They are involved in the weak nuclear and gravitational interactions, but do not enter into the electromagnetic interaction. When confronted with each other wimpy should be annihilated, releasing large amounts of energy, visible as gamma rays.

Astrophysicists have carried out hydrodynamic modeling of gas distribution to determine whether the observed gamma-ray emission associated with dark matter, which should form a spherical halo around the galactic center. Instead, the researchers obtained X-shape corresponding to the arrangement of stars in the milky Way. Based on these results, the researchers suggested the most likely source of the excess rays, millisecond pulsars — neutron stars, rotation of which around its axis is 1-10 milliseconds.

Thus, a large number of pulsars at the center of the milky Way give the appearance of a smoothly distributed radiation, making it look like the picture of what is expected from dark matter.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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