Hitler’s suicide was connected with the change of recipe for onion rings at Burger King


Photo: Reddit

A Reddit user with the nickname Michael_by_the_Bay posted a photo of the Burger King in Nuremberg, Germany, located in the building of a power substation, built by order of Adolf Hitler. Not knowing about the existence of such a restaurant, the place looked scary.

“I heard about the evils of fast food restaurants?” says the author of the article on Reddit. Support it and other portal visitors. In particular, they resent the emblem of the Third Reich on the facade of the building. He wiped the swastika, but the overall outlines remained.

However, most of the users turn out to be sarcastic in relation to the absurdity of this neighborhood. Some write that Burger King may buy new logo — official symbol of Nazi Germany, and even to change their name to “Burger-the Fuhrer”.

“It’s a little known fact, but Hitler really killed himself when Burger King stopped making onion rings from real onions” — ironically thelawtalkingguy.

Slogan of Have it your way (“have it your way”) proposed to replace the Have it my way (“Do it my way”) or does at Have it my way, alluding to Hitler’s book Mein Kampf (“My struggle”).

For some discussion about the Nuremberg Burger King was the occasion to recall how the fast food restaurants first opened in different countries. The user frggr recalls opening McDonald’s in Kazakhstan, it was like a circus with huge crowds of people.

“I went to Russia about 15 years ago. Our guide said that standing in line for 5 hours to obtain “big Mac”, when Moscow opened the first “McDonald’s”” — amazed Failed_Trillionaire.

A power substation was built in the city of party congresses of the Third Reich in 1936, a personal architect Hitler albert Speer. It provided electricity to numerous lighting systems Nuremberg.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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