Impossibility of contact with aliens


Frame: the movie “Alien”

A team of U.S. astronomers under the direction of Frank Drake (Frank Drake) came to the conclusion that, if the grounders will receive signals from extraterrestrials, the aliens are likely to be already dead. Writes about this edition of Science News.

The researchers calculated the area of the region of the galaxy, through which must pass the alien signals. According to Drake, civilizations are born and die at a constant rate, however, the radio signals sent by them, continue to spread across the milky Way in all directions. In the end, a large part of the galaxy is filled with messages from dead aliens.

The diameter of the milky Way is hundred thousand light years, while the Solar system is about 26 thousand light years from the galactic center. Scientists believe that the most advanced civilizations capable of sending radio signals, do not exist longer than a hundred thousand years. Therefore, the chances of getting the message of aliens, is still broadcasting at present, very small.

Humanity sends signals into space for nearly 80 years, therefore, radio waves from Earth have covered less than 0.001 percent of the area of the galaxy.

In 1960, the astrophysicist Frank Drake proposed the formula for estimating the number of advanced civilizations in the Universe. There are various solutions to this equation, however, the values of most parameters in the formula based on assumptions.

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