In the case of the “Embassy cocaine” found a Russian curler and two Latvians


Photo: Reuters

In the case of smuggling about 400 kilos of cocaine from Argentina were involved Russian curler and two citizens of Latvia, according to RT on Tuesday, March 13.

The publication became known that the smuggled goods had athlete Denis Kiva. It is reported that he was familiar with the other two suspects — Istemirem Khudzhamov and Vladimir Kalmykov. The men asked him to help in shipping because they needed a third car. Later, all three detained.

According to the materials of the case, Kilba was questioned and has the status of a witness. It is also suspected in connection with the detainee in Argentina, the citizen Ivan Bliznyuk, who helped in organizing the smuggling. They are both engaged in the promotion of sports in the Irkutsk region.

The athlete refused to allow the publication of any comments.

Investigators also learned that in October 2017 on the way to Argentina Khudzhamov was accompanied by two citizens of Latvia. Together they flew on a private plane, on which the country had to export the contraband. His lawyer Dmitry Minenko said he did not know who were these people, and the investigation did not disclose their personality. He also added that initially the aircraft with the cargo was to go not to Moscow, and in Riga, where cocaine, presumably, would spread around Europe.

The interior Ministry of Latvia this information does not comment, reports RT.

In December 2016 the school at the Russian Embassy in Argentina found 12 suitcases with 389 kilograms of cocaine. For controlled delivery of drug was replaced with flour and sent to the Russian diplomatic flight. In Argentina, was taken into custody two accused of the case. On the territory of Russia arrested three people, one in Germany.

It was noted that a drug in Russia could be taken by the boards of the special flight detachment “Russia”. In the Office of the President denied this information.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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