In the House of culture near Kiev unknown persons in masks beat the children


Photo: stringer / RIA Novosti

In the village of Stari bezradychi, Kyiv region unknown persons have beaten the children in the local House of culture. About it in the “Typical bezradichi” Facebook said club Director Natalie Dancik.

The incident occurred on 7 March following the events dedicated to the International women’s day. “Half an hour after the concert, when young artists were still in organizing the office and ate the Goodies, they stormed masked men started to beat all who came across under hands, — she says. — Bruises, hematomas, broken teeth, concussion, blood around and broken furniture — these ended with a festive mood.”

The attackers fled.

In evidence, Danek leads some photos from the scene, which show the blood and broken furniture. She claims that “this is not the first occasion of the defeat”. After the incident, she immediately contacted law enforcement.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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