In the video with the Russian “Dagger” found “strange moments”


Frame: The Ministry Of Defence

In the video the defense Ministry, demonstrating practical combat training launch hypersonic high-precision aircraft missile complex “Dagger”, there are “strange moments”, says Popular Mechanics.

The publication noticed that, for example, in the beginning of the video the left side hypersonic missiles are blurred, whereas in the future it is shown explicitly. “There is nothing that could explain the need to blur the video at the beginning,” — says Popular Mechanics.

Due to the high flight characteristics of the MiG-31 and hypersonic aeroballistic missiles with low radar signature and high maneuverability complex “Dagger” has no analogues in the world, reported in the caption to the video of the defense Ministry.

For the first time about the existence of the complex “Dagger” said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the message to the Federal Assembly, delivered in March 2018. “The unique performance characteristics of high speed aircraft carrier allow you to deliver the missile to a point reset in a matter of minutes, with the missile flying at hypersonic speeds, exceeding the speed of sound ten times more and exercise maneuvering all the parts of the trajectory of the flight,” — said the head of state.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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