In wireless charging, saw a threat to iPhone X


Photo: Ryan Nakashima / AP

Wireless charging for iPhone X and iPhone 8 leads to more wear on the battery than charging through a cable, writes ZDNet.

Author Adrian Kingsley-Hughes noticed that after six months it passed 135 full iPhone charge cycles. Six months ago, Hughes started to use a wireless charger, and it claims now forced to constantly charge your smartphone.

Hughes does not specify what kind of model is it — about iPhone X or 8, but notes that the battery of its previous iPhone 6 Plus after 800 charge cycles and still have 80 percent of its original capacity.

According to Mashable, users of phones based on Android are also faced with considerable wear of the batteries when using wireless charging.

At the end of 2017, Apple admitted that deliberately underestimates the performance of smartphones with the old battery. The Corporation has promised users to reimburse the costs of replacing the iPhone battery.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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