Journalists were forbidden to shoot Nude buttocks serfingistok


Photo: Enrique Castro-Mendivil / Reuters

Representatives of the International League of surfing appealed to the operators to stop taking photographs of buttocks serfingistok close-up during the competition. It is reported by Stab Magazine.

According to the journalists, they were forbidden to focus the camera on the athletes during turns at the foot of the waves and diving under waves. Usually during these stunts the athletes are back to the lens.

Such rules apply only to serfingistok, who perform in bikinis: girls in shorts operators were allowed to shoot from a closer distance.

Under the ban also got inappropriate jokes and Horny looking at colleagues and rivals. “Full gender equality in all elements of the competition”, — said in a note, at the same time, it is noted that the prize money Fund for the girls 40 per cent lower than men’s.

International League surfing made “one size fits all” offer during the tournament Quilsolver Pro. The members of the League believe that the prohibition of women’s buttocks is a part of a movement to combat harassment #metoo. Any complaints about harassment from serfingistok not previously been reported.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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