Named the most delicious Russian milk


Photo: Oleksandr Kondratyuk / RIA Novosti

Non-profit organization “Roskontrol” examined seven brands of UHT milk fat content of 3.2 percent. The study involved the brand “Domik V derevne”, “Avida”, “Prostokvashino”, “Sundressesth”, “Ostankino”, “Village green”, Valio. Copies of the results of the research are available “”.

“Because of the long shelf life of UHT milk there is a myth that it is added preservatives. But it’s not. And tests confirmed it. In any of the samples a preservative is not detected,” the study says.

The intensity of pasteurization is fixed by the concentration of lactose — the higher it is, the higher temperature processed milk. Mothers only reacted to milk “Buttermilk” and the tougher — to “Sundressesth”.

According to the stated standards, the content of calcium in 100 grams of milk on average should be 120 milligrams. In all tested samples it slightly less than 100 milligrams in milk “Avida” to 114 milligrams in a “Buttermilk”. This difference is due to the fact that a small amount of calcium is lost in the process of technological processing.

In selected samples found no phosphate, vegetable fat, including palm oil, and antibiotics. Experts of “Roskontrol” note that all brands are safe for health. Serious comments only brought the milk of the brand “Domik V derevne” — the content of protein did not meet the minimum requirements of GOST and technical regulations.

“Not too satisfied experts organoleptic characteristics of the samples. Complaints are not caused only products of brands “Domik V derevne” and “Valio”. So, milk “Buttermilk” and “Village green”, the experts felt a salty taste, in the “Avid” — feed in the “green Village”, “Sundressesth” and “Ostankino” — the smell and flavor of boiling”, the study says.

In February “Recentral” called the most high-quality brands of cottage cheese.

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