NASA scolded SpaceX


Photo: Scott Audette / Reuters

NASA has officially announced that the cause of the accident the cargo ship Dragon in June 2015 was a design error made by the company SpaceX. The report of the American space Agency, published in March 2018, noticed by Quartz.

The document reaffirms the previously announced SpaceX the cause of the explosion of Falcon 9 rocket: the destruction of the steel fastenings which held the vessel with helium, intended for the discharge pressure in the tank with liquid oxygen second stage.

NASA notes that in the manufacture of fastenings used alloy, not in accordance with accepted aerospace industry standards. In a previously published report, SpaceX said that such attachment could not withstand a fifth of the maximum permissible load. NASA stresses that SpaceX has not conducted the necessary test procedures to check the reliability of the selected alloy.

Quartz writes that by December 2015, the company has implemented all the recommendations space Agency concerning safety. NASA, according to the publication, decided to publish dedicated accident report in order to “store historical data about failure”.

Launched on 28 June 2015 to the International space station Falcon 9 rocket with the Dragon truck company SpaceX exploded in the third minute after takeoff. The ship was supposed to deliver to the station about two tons of cargo, in particular foodstuffs, machinery and materials for scientific experiments.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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