Nicolas cage, 20 years later, has been given the role of Superman


Nicolas Kagipota: Alessandro Bianchi / Reuters

Actor Nicolas cage, who in 1998 was supposed to play Superman in a canceled Tim Burton movie “Superman lives”, will still receive the role of comic book hero. He voices him in the cartoon “teen titans, go!”, according to USA Today.

Wonder woman will be the voice of the singer Halsey, and Green Lantern — the voice of rapper Lil Yachi. All of these roles will be episodic. For the voice of the other popular superheroes from the DC Comics universe it is also planned to attract other celebrities.

The plot of the animated feature, the characters of the animated series The Cartoon Network “teen titans, go” — the assistant of Batman Robin, the alien warrior Starfaer, Infante-chameleon Batboy, half-robot Cyborg and the demonic Joker Raven — dream of pop-cultural fame. They are trying to persuade Hollywood Director (Kristen bell) to shoot a movie about them.

Full “teen titans, go!” will be released in Russian cinemas on July 26. Directors of the ribbon are Aaron Horvath and Peter Ryde, Michael, and the main roles are voiced by the same actors that are working on the series: Scott Manwill, Hinden of Walch, Tara strong, Khary Payton and Greg Sipes.

Nicolas cage is the biggest fan of Superman in Hollywood. He called his son a kryptonian name superhero Kal-El, and long possessed rare copy of first comic book featuring Superman, published in 1938-
year. Subsequently he sold it at auction for $ 2.1 million.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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