Red Tarzan asked to send to the colony for “bare marsh” prostitutes


Vyacheslav Detikhot: Anatoly Medved / RIA Novosti

The Prosecutor asked to sentence the former fighter Viacheslav Datsik (Red Tarzan), staged a March of naked prostitutes, to five years in strict regime colony. On Tuesday, March 13, reports RAPE.

According to lawyer Andrey Fedortsova, after the speech of the Prosecutor, the debate was postponed. March 15, their position will be expressed by the representatives of the victims and the defendants. Myself Datsik, against whom filed the case for robbery, trespassing and battery, pleads not guilty.

Datsik was arrested in St. Petersburg in may 2016. According to the materials of the case, he kicked the door in room boutique hotel, where he put out in the corridor a woman, then broke into a brothel where prostitutes are forced to strip naked and chased them down the street to the police station. Nationalist tried to repeat a similar action in another brothel, but was arrested.

In March 2017, Red Tarzan was about to ingest one of the documents during familiarization with the materials of their criminal case. Investigators snatched the paper from his mouth, but it is already beyond recovery. In may, he tried to run from the Petrograd district court of St. Petersburg, where he was brought for the decision of a question on prolongation of term of detention.

Red Tarzan has already been convicted for a series of armed raids on salons of cellular communication in Petersburg. During the court proceedings, he fled from a psychiatric clinic, where he was sent for compulsory treatment, and illegally went to Norway, but was soon extradited to Russia and sentenced to five years in prison.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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