“Rosatom” was first attracted foreigners to uranium mining in Russia


Photo: Eugene Vadim epanchitsev / RIA Novosti

China national nuclear Corporation (CNNC) is investing in the construction of a uranium mine in Zabaykalsky Krai, more than 16 billion rubles. The agreement was the first project of the Russian-Chinese Investment Fund for regional development (FIFG for), reports RIA Novosti.

The first tranche from the Fund will amount to 2.5 billion rubles. For the project Russia and China will create a joint venture or management company. It is planned that the first phase of the mine on the Argun and Gerlova deposits of the streltsovskoye ore field, will be commissioned in 2023. The Chinese side will receive from the project 49 percent of 600 tons of uranium per year.

The main investors FIFG for the largest public and private corporations of China, including China national nuclear Corporation (China National Nuclear Corporation) and companies of the free economic zone of Shenzhen. Under the management of the Fund are 100 billion yuan.

Russia and China are actively cooperating in the sphere of peaceful atom. The largest project of the two countries Tianwan NPP, which are the units No. 1 and 2 with a total capacity of two thousand megawatts. Discusses the construction of the seventh and eighth blocks with the participation of Russia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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