The American achieved fame by dressing up in diapers


Photo: @binkieprincess

American YouTube blogger spoke about how fame is largely due to wearing diapers. About its history writes edition the Sun.

In his spare time, 23-year-old Jess is a picture of a baby sucking a pacifier and sitting in the crib. On her YouTube channel more than 160 thousand subscribers.

“In the daytime I act like a normal girl: I work full time, run my channel. I cook, drive, wash, dress and take care of myself,” she explains. According to her, in her review are often accused of inability to engage in adult life, but she denies it.

Jess says that the passion does not bother her boyfriend. He likes to take care of her as a child, as her vulnerability makes him feel important. She calls their relationship is “perfectly normal.”

Woman complains of attacks of trolls who call her and her crazy boyfriend: “They say nasty things like that my guy is just a pedophile”. Jess confesses that she experienced sexual abuse, however, does not believe that its fascination is due to a traumatic experience.

ABDL is a form of fetishism, in which one of the partners behaves like a baby, wears diapers, drinks milk from a bottle and so on, and his partner takes care of him. So often people are struggling with stress or PTSD.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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