The girl cut his eyes to the similarities with Barbie


Photo: @opheliavanity

An American of Asian origin has made a plastic surgery on the eyes to look like your favorite Barbie doll, reports The Sun.

Ophelia Venita from Los Angeles (CA) has spent four thousand dollars on blepharoplasty — surgery to change the shape of the eyelids and eye shape. 30-year-old woman striving to become an exact copy of the doll with a European appearance.

She told me that she has already spent 35 thousand dollars to make your body similar to the body of Barbie. “There are so many dolls with different body type, skin color and nationality, but I was attracted by the classic Barbie. I absolutely don’t mean to be racist”, she added.

Ophelia Venita 72 thousand followers on Instagram, where she talks about her struggle with low self-esteem. “It feels unique,” commented guy Ophelia her addiction to plastic surgery. The woman said that only this can make her truly happy.

In February, 18-year-old resident of Prague Gabriela Jiraskova said that the monthly spends more than a thousand euros to look like Barbie. 16 years girl transformerait and in pursuit of the “perfect” body.

In adolescence Gabriela increase hair and eyelashes, tattoo done and increased the lips. Upon reaching adulthood, she changed her natural third breast size in seventh. Czech is not going to rest on our laurels in the near future plans to remove several ribs to insert the buttock implants and more breast augmentation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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