The number of mercenaries PMC Wagner


Photo: Khalil Ashawi / Reuters

The total number of personnel of the so-called private military companies (PMCs) Wagner, which presumably are Russians in Syria, more than 4 840 people, according to “Russian service Bi-bi-si”.

This conclusion was made after studying the materials of the personal Affairs of the deceased in the province of Deir ez-Zor fighter PMC Wagner — 42-the summer native of Novoshakhtinsk (Rostov region) Sergey Kravchenko. He was buried at home on March 6. Relatives Kravchenko gave reporters copies of the documents which they gave the representatives of the PMC along with the medals “For bravery and courage,” “blood and bravery” and “For victory over ISIS” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization “Islamic state”) and a personal token with a sequence number M-4840.

In the death certificate, which was signed at the consular Department of the Russian Embassy in Syria, and the date of death was February 8, the reason is “the charring of the body.” The death certificate Kravchenko got the number 6. The numbering of such documents starts with the beginning of the calendar year. The document gives an indication of the fact that since the beginning of the year in Syria killed at least six Russian citizens.

As told by relatives, Kravchenko graduated from the military school in Novocherkassk, then served in Chechnya, where he returned with a medal veteran of fighting, he worked in the police, emergency, and in recent years have been truck drivers. Before leaving in November of last year to base the PMC he told relatives that he plans to recover in emergency situations.

According to some PMCs soldiers Wagner receive about 200 thousand rubles per month. For each victim, the company pays the relatives of three million rubles, until recently, this amount was five million.

Wagner PMC — private military company Dmitry Utkin, known under the call sign Wagner volunteers which, according to some information, take part in the fighting in the Donbass and Syria. It was reported that among the mercenaries are citizens of Ukraine. Presumably, currently soldiers sent to southern Sudan where they fought on the side of the government of President Omar al-Bashir.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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