The old woman caught a fish the size of himself and decided to feed her son


Photo: home of Reel Force Charters in Facebook

An elderly British woman sue Alcock (Sue Elcock) caught a huge sea bass, which turned out to be more herself. This publication reports the New York Post.

68-year-old woman went fishing with his son, who lives in the Australian city of Perth. According to her, she knew immediately that swallowed the big fish. To pull the catch out of the water, Elcock took about forty minutes. Helped her son and two fishermen.

Sea bass, which she caught in Australia weighed about 60 pounds, and its length was 162 cm. It is five centimeters more than the growth itself Elcock. “When he lifted his head out of the water, I just couldn’t believe that he was this size. As a small couch”, she said. The woman claims that she has never been caught fish longer than 30 inches.

Alcock helped him to cut the bass to fit in the fridge. She expects that his family will not a month to eat dishes made out her catch.

In January it was reported that new Zealand angler caught an 11-pound bass with his bare hands. He noticed the fish when I was surfing, and wanted to dive after her, but she jumped onto his Board.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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