The orbit of the ISS lifted


Photo: NASA / Reuters

The mission control center (MCC) in Korolev near Moscow increased the orbit of the International space station (ISS), 400 metres from the 404,5 km. This was done to prepare for manned launches from the Baikonur cosmodrome in June, said Wednesday, March 14, “Interfax”.

Orbit correction passed nominally stated in MCC. “To complete the maneuver at 00:25 Moscow time 108 seconds was included motors transport cargo vehicle “Progress MS-08″,” said in the center.

To raise the orbit of the ISS was necessary for ballistic conditions for landing manned spacecraft “Soyuz MS-07” (3 June), as well as the launch of the freighter “Union MC-09” (6 June).

Now at the station are Russian cosmonaut Anton shkaplerov, American and Japanese colleagues Scott tingle and Noriega Kanae. They will return to Earth on 3 June.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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