The state Department has said it is ready to compete with Russia in the European gas market


Photo: Vivek Prakash / REUTERS

American companies are ready to compete in the market of gas supplies to Europe. About the Agency RIA Novosti said Deputy assistant Secretary of state Sandra Odekirk.

“The United States is competing with Russia as an exporter of LNG and oil exporter on the global market. We are ready to compete on the EU market, supplying gas. There are 30 units for floating storage and regasification” she explained, acknowledging that the proposed import volume from the USA is significantly smaller than the Russian supplies transported through pipelines.

“We want to sell our gas around the world, wherever the price is competitive. For this we will need to deal with the optimization of the cost of regasification, liquefaction and storage”, — concluded Oudekerk.

March 8, Executive Director U.S. energy Association’s Barry Worthington spoke about the plans for “conquest” of the world its gas. According to him, in the next five years the US plans to increase exports of liquefied natural gas LNG to four times, this in addition to the two existing export terminals will be built five or six new.

The United States continues to increase the volume of LNG sold to other countries. At the same time the Americans themselves buy gas. On January 28 in Boston docked at the first tanker with Russian LNG. In early March, European media wrote that the most reliable supplier of gas to Europe is Russia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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