The Ukrainian “Antonov” lay down over Russia


Photo: Sergey Mamontov / RIA Novosti

Ukrainian state enterprise “Antonov” did not solve the problem of import substitution of Russian components, said in an interview with news Agency “the military-industrial courier” head of technical project of creation of the aircraft An-140 (1993-2006) and acting head of the Antonov (in 2014-2015) Sergey Merenkov.

The expert noted that the “Kiev line” companies listed on the four grazed on the An-148 and An-158. “To finish assembling them we can only in the existing “technical person” with a complete set of 30% of Russian components and assemblies. Contrary to the statements of managers at different levels of solution of the issue “import substitution” isn’t set documentation on the upgraded aircraft,” said Merenkov.

According to him, completion of the An-148 and An-158 in 2018 and 2019, impossible. “Do not mention about the An-32, though there is a backlog for another 2-3 aircraft, but the equipment is Russian — 70 percent. It is therefore reasonable to use this reserve for the first serial An-132 — in the case if this program will be developed,” — said the expert.

The state of the aircraft in Ukraine today Merenkov praised as “lying, with very little chance to rise.” In his opinion, necessary “at the level of senior officials and determined to solve — Ukraine needs its own aircraft industry or not.”

In August 2016, the Antonov was sold to a Chinese company China Aerospace technical documentation on super-heavy transport aircraft an-225 “Mriya”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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