Trump shouted his innocence after the report of the select Committee on intelligence, United States


Donald Truephoto: Yuri Gripas / REUTERS

The President of the United States Donald trump commented in his Twitter the completion of the investigation in the lower house of the Congress regarding a possible “Russian intervention” in U.S. elections. However, he used only capital letters.

“The intelligence Committee of the house of representatives after 14 months long and comprehensive investigation found no evidence of communication or interaction between the trump campaign and Russia in terms of influence on presidential elections-2016”, — he wrote.

Earlier in the night of March 13 Congressman Republican Mike Conway, who led the work of the Committee, said that the results of the investigation they have not found evidence of collusion between the election campaign trump and Russia. A draft report will be presented to the Democrats on Tuesday.

On 8 March it was reported that the special U.S. attorney Robert Mueller, who investigated attributed to Russia’s intervention in the us elections, was able to gather evidence of the attempts of the team of Donald trump to establish a channel of communication with the Kremlin. We are talking about a secret meeting the founder of the American private military company Blackwater Erik Prince and the head of the Russian direct investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev, which was held in Seychelles during the week before the inauguration of the trump. According to Muller, the meeting was one of the first attempts to establish communication between the coming to power in the Washington administration and Moscow, wrote The Washington Post.

Office Mueller February 16 published a list of Russians who, according to the investigation of the American side involved in the interference in elections in the United States. The list includes 13 people and organizations, including businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin and is located in Saint Petersburg Agency Internet research. Washington before has repeatedly accused Russia of meddling in the American elections, but the Russian side rejected all the charges.

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