Turkey spoke about the use of s-400


Photo: Viktor Korotayev / Kommersant

Ankara will use purchased from Russia anti-aircraft missile system s-400 only for their own protection. The head of the foreign Ministry Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Tuesday, March 13, during a lecture before the students of MGIMO in Moscow, reports “Interfax”.

“About when you will use this system: when will there be some kind of threat, attack Turkey. This defense system is not a system of attack,” the Minister explained. He added that “the s-400 will be used only to protect the civilian population.”

Cavusoglu also said that Turkey needs a defense system, but NATO did not want to sell them to Ankara. “Like the other NATO countries can buy weapons not only in NATO countries, and we have every right and freedom to buy weapons and protection systems in any country that we think is necessary”, — said the Minister.

March 10, Cavusoglu said that is procured from the Moscow s-400 need Turkey urgently because of the lack of the country’s air defense system. Later it was reported that Russia will fulfill a contract and delivery plan to be completed early in 2020.

Before that in Ankara said that the beginning of deliveries With-400 Turkey is scheduled for 2019. The contract provides for the sale of Ankara’s four divisions, equipped with these systems. The cost of the agreement is $ 2.5 billion, more than half of the amount will cover the Russian loan.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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