Ukraine has called the rejection of the tournaments in Russia “competition of idiocy”


Elbrus Tedeyev (right)Photo: Pavel Pakhomenko/ RIA Novosti

The President of Association of wrestling of Ukraine Elbrus Tedeev, said that the refusal of the country from participation in tournaments on the territory of Russia is “the contest-making idiotic decisions.” The words of the leading functionary “Soviet sport”.

“It’s such a perverse policy — who will race faster over a stupid decision. We have already surpassed the ancient people for their idiotic, those stopped wars for sporting events. The current Ukrainian policy is doing the opposite,” — said Tedeev.

He reminded that the preparation for competition was spent a lot of money for that, now someone needs to answer. “I will not go any John decided for us, and we’re not. And the fact that the preparation of spent millions, no one is interested. Who will answer for this? You see, unpatriotic to participate in competitions in Russia”, — continued the official, noting that the athletes trained for a long time and “licking the injury,” and they adopted the decision of “some kind of Bob, which drops of sweat never shed in training”.

Wrestlers of the national team of Ukraine had to go to the European championship in Kaspiysk, however, cannot do this because on March 13, the country was suspended from participation in any sports competition in Russia. First Vice-President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine Vladimir Brynzak said that the lifting of the boycott it is necessary that “the overall political situation has improved”, and “the atmosphere ceased to deteriorate”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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