Banankoro threatened Russia’s first criminal case due to ICO


Photo: Ali Hashisho / Reuters

Investor wageprice in the cryptocurrency bananaman within the ICO, has accused the organizer of the initial placement in the embezzlement of funds. The statement on initiation of criminal case entered the main Department of the MIA in Moscow. It is reported portal Hi-Tech

ICO ended February 28, investors are invited to bananalink funds to invest in growing organic bananas in Laos. Then the goods need to be exported to China.

However, one of the Russian investors said that the founders bananaman tried using the assets of a third party to get money for absolutely virtual project. The investor explained that the organizers of the ICO no plantations in Laos, nor was there the company nor the claimed team.

He also criticized the business plan of the project, in particular, the alleged creation of a fruit platform and partnership with mango plantation in Cambodia. Criticism and statements about the profitability of the project. In his opinion, bananas can not grow without chemical fertilizer and organic they can not be.

According to the portal, if the statement of the investor is taken, for the first time in Russia will lead to criminal proceedings by the ICO.

In late January, Mashable reported that every bananamen backed by one kilogram of these bananas grown in Laos on the plantation. According to Hi-Tech the plantation belongs to Oleg Dobrovolsky, Alexander Bychkov and agronomist Prasana Sangathan. Her grown varieties of Lady Finger.

In the fall of 2017 former broker Jordan Belfort, whose life story formed the plot of the film “the Wolf of wall street”, said that raising funds with the help of ICO is a fraud. According to him, is “a giant fraud, which will cause irreparable damage to many.” He explained that, although most adherents of the ICO do not have bad intentions, activities 5-10 percent of scams can lead to disaster of the whole sphere.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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