Belgian monks protested the price of your beer


Photo: Eric Vidal / Reuters

Trappist monks of the Abbey of St. Sixtus, located in the Belgian Westvleteren, protested the actions of the Dutch supermarket chain Jan Linders, who sold their beer brewed at nine euros a bottle. About it writes The Guardian.

The monks said that supermarkets set prices are contrary to the “ethical standards”.

According to the rules of a monastery, produced in the Abbey beer is sold either directly to retail or wholesale according to strictly specified rules. The buyer can purchase at the agreed time only two cases (24 bottles) of beer for 60 days. The price ranges from 35 to 44 Euro for a box.

Thus, Jan Linders sold beer five times more expensive than the wholesale prices. Community representatives stated that produce beer is not to maximize income, and for financial support of the monastery. The greater part of the profits goes to charity.

The network tried to justify the fact that their profits were small, and between the monastery and the shopping was a lot of intermediaries and wind the price.

Despite the high cost, three kinds of Trappist beer, which were sold in Jan Lindberg, used mad demand. All stocks of beer (300 boxes), appeared in a supermarket was sold out in a matter of hours.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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