Biology teacher fed puppy turtle in front of the students


Robert Crossedto: Preston School District

In the U.S. a biology teacher for extra classes fed the turtle a puppy. This publication reports The Mirror.

Robert Crosland (Crosland Robert) teaching in a secondary school of the state of Idaho, with an enrollment of adolescents aged 12 to 16 years. After school he spent extra classes, which fed the turtle puppy. According to parents, the dog was born with mutations and “in any case, soon would be dead.” It was noted that previously, he also fed the snakes Guinea pigs.

Animal rights activists protested against the teaching methods of Crosland. “Allow the children to look at how an innocent little puppy screams until it eats another animal is sick and cruel,” said animal rights activist Jill Parrish (Jill Parrish).

Nevertheless, teachers there were defenders in the face of alumni and parents. Former pupils said that Crosland has demonstrated the “circle of life”. One of them called him “a great teacher who taught interesting and kept turtles, snakes, and other cool stuff”. Parents of Crosland described as “the best teacher of biology”.

The school administrator noted that the incident “was not part of the school activities and is a regrettable circumstance, which was involved in several biological species”. Police said it is investigating the incident, the teacher was suspended from work.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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