Boyfriend tried to force a girl to dress up for him and regretted


Photo: Lukas Schulze / DPA /

The lady with the nickname harrietswonderland♡ said on Twitter about claims her boyfriend, who is unhappy that the girl walks around the house in a Bathrobe and not trying to doll yourself up when it comes to her. The girl was supported by thousands of mikroblogerov, the story went viral, and her character is suggested not to pull, and soon to drop greedy for the appearance of a young man.

Harrietswonderland♡ posted a fragment of correspondence with a young man. “Why are you dressed like me there, and it wasn’t like I was there,” he lamented. When the American replied that he did not welcomed the idea to produce a person’s impression using the clothes, the boyfriend said that it irritates him and asked him to wear home something attractive gown.

The shocked heroine swore and left the other girls sarcastic message on his page: “Prudent girls aren’t wearing a robe when he comes.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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