Erdogan was going to kill Kurds in Iraq


Recep Tayyip, Arrogante: Reuters

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke about the decision to destroy the Kurdish formation in Northern Iraq, which Ankara considers terrorists. His words are reports Reuters Wednesday, March 14.

“We monitor the emergence of the terrorist nests to the North of the country at every available opportunity. Soon we will inflict on them a hard blow,” he said, speaking before representatives of the authorities in the capital.

Last week the Minister of foreign Affairs Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Turkey and Iraq are preparing to hold joint military operation against the Kurds after the Iraqi parliamentary elections in may. Turkish air force already regularly inflict airstrikes on the places of residence of Kurds on the border with Turkey in Iraq, the Agency reports.

In the fall of 2016 between Baghdad and Ankara escalated political conflict. Then the Prime Minister of Iraq said that Turkey risks provoking a regional war, while continuing to deploy troops on foreign soil.

The Turkish military contingent on the agreement with the government of Iraq was in the country in 2014. Instructors engaged in training Iraqi militia fighters. However, in December 2015 Ankara without approval in Baghdad increased its group. The Iraqi government considered these actions a violation of sovereignty.

January 20, Turkey is pursuing in the Syrian Afrin “operation Olive branch” against the forces of the Kurds. Ankara considers terrorists representatives of the Kurdish party Democratic Union (PYD) and its armed people’s protection Units (YPG).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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