Explained the origin of anomalous cosmic rays


Photo: Hannu Hautala / FLPA / Globallookpress.com

An international team of physicists explained why comets emit x-rays, which are usually the stars and other hot objects. It turned out that the radiation released during the collision of solar wind with the coma — the cloud of gas and dust surrounding a celestial body. This was reported on the website Phys.org.

The researchers conducted an experiment in the laboratory LULI, using the installation creates intense laser pulses. The photons bombard a tiny target, resulting in high temperature plasma, generating intense electromagnetic fields. The latter, in turn, dispersed particles to near-light speeds, thereby creating ringtonesme and gamma radiation.

The researchers were able to simulate the interaction of the comet with the solar wind consisting of ionized particles. In the course of the experiment the laser beams fall on a piece of foil that is evaporated with the release of the flow of electrons and ions. As a result, the analog of the solar wind affecting the ball of solid material, the temperature of electrons rises up to about a million degrees in the plasma and at the same time they begin to emit x-rays.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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