For allow to touch breast Japanese Schoolgirls came from the police


Photo: Klaus-Werner Friedrich /

Three Japanese Schoolgirls, which allowed passers-by free to touch her Boobs, was accused of violating public order. About it reports the edition SoraNews24.

January 20, three 16-year-old girl stood in front of the train station of Shibuya in Tokyo with a sign “Free Boobs” and began to offer passers-by to touch her Boobs. Their friends, one of whom was 18 years old, and another 23 years, took pictures and filmed the event on video.

In less than an hour, the police stopped shooting. By the time the offer Schoolgirls managed to use about 20 people. The investigation, which led the public security Bureau of the Tokyo police, ended in early March. According to its results, all five were charged with disturbing public order and decorum.

Schoolgirls claim to have planned to upload videos to the Internet and to earn on advertising. It was inspired by star Japanese YouTube Pepsi Lu, who shot a similar video in November. It allowed passers-by in Shibuya to touch yourself under the slogan “Boobs will save the world” and managed to avoid the attention of law enforcement.

In 2016, it was reported that the Swiss artist Milo Moiré got arrested in Trafalgar square in London for the provocative performance she was offered to passers-by to touch her genitals or Breasts. The violator had to spend the night in the police force.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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