France will sue Google and Apple


Photo: Brian Snyder / Reuters

France will sue the American tech corporations Google and Apple because of the use of the “improper commercial practices”. This was stated by Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire, according to Bloomberg.

The main claim to the giants are reduced to the imposition of prices application developers for operating systems managed by the company.

A preliminary investigation of the Ministry of Finance showed the presence of abuse of monopoly position on the part of corporations. Similar actions have also caught Amazon. Corporations threatened multimillion-dollar fines.

The relationship of the French state and leading technology corporations in the U.S. in recent years has become more complicated. The government persuaded them to place their operational offices in the country and demands to pay more taxes.

A similar position is occupied and the EU requiring Apple and Google to pay taxes where they really work, not in countries with a mild tax regimes like Luxembourg and Ireland.

Since August 30, 2016, the Commission published the statement in which has demanded from Apple to compensate for unpaid taxes amounting to 13 billion euros. The results of the investigation the EC concluded that Ireland gave Apple an unjustified fiscal advantages that have enabled American corporations to pay substantially less tax than other companies.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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