In “Vkontakte” found a link Nazi symbols with songs in Hebrew


Screenshot: “VKontakte”

Public “Lentic” in “Vkontakte” I noticed that when you enter numbers in 1488 while searching for recordings a social network produces songs for Israeli singers.

“” checked: when entering 1488 in the search box “Vkontakte” really gives songs in Hebrew. The system counted 34 622 audio corresponding to the query.

1488 — a digital designation of the Nazi salute, where 14 is the number of words in Nazi slogans thought up by a member of the white separatist organization The Order, David lane and 88 — encoded greeting Heil Hitler used in Nazi Germany.

According to various estimates, from the time of arrival of Adolf Hitler to power in Germany (1933) to the end of the Second world war (1945), the Nazis exterminated from 4.5 to eight million Jews.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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