In Yekaterinburg lit a torch from the feces of residents


Photo: MUP “Vodokanal”

In Yekaterinburg at the stained-glass Windows lit the gas torch the fuel from methane produced by digestion of sludge residues and fecal discharges of urban wastewater, writes “Ekaterinburg-TV”.

Gas generate several special structures — metandienon — built in December of 2017. There the sludge is recycled, after which the methane supplied to the gas pipe with the flow meters and analyzers, allowing to monitor its characteristics and combustion efficiency.

The next six months, staff of the local “Vodokanal” will study the resulting gas and spend experiments. He produced methane now just burn, but by the end of the summer it plans to use for heating and electrification of the station.

Workers of “Vodokanal” claim that eco-friendly setting such as this is only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In Ekaterinburg it is designed to process ten thousand cubic meters of silt, while systems in other cities are not as extensive. In the future in the Urals is planning to introduce the technology on a few of the aeration stations.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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