Russia accused of trying to change Star wars


General Hexcat: the movie “Star wars: the Last Jedi”

The film “Star wars: the Last Jedi” Ryan Johnson told a Russian attempt to affect the plot. He said this in the documentary “the Director and the Jedi”, it quotes the portal Filmschoolrejects.

According to the filmmaker, in the early stages of production “the Last Jedi” was attacked by Russian bots on Twitter. They wanted to control certain parts of the script. “It’s incredible. These Russian accounts have made coordinated action. Hundreds of accounts,” said Johnson.

The efforts of the bots were designed to prevent the death of General Hacks in a new trilogy. Why this was necessary, Johnson at first did not understand, but the authors of the notes expressed the opinion that bots came from “love of authoritarian regimes”.

General hacks — the commander of a space base “Starkiller”. He led the operation to destroy the New Republic, which killed millions of people. He played the role of actor domhnall Gleeson. The character first appeared in the film “Star wars. Episode VII: the Force awakens”.

Earlier in March, netizens dug up a German “Star wars” with Luke in a Golden jumpsuit.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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