Russian woman with model looks lost beauty, vision and memory after the accident


Mary Lebediata: The Siberian Times

A resident of Novosibirsk Maria Lebedeva lost his sight and memory after a car accident, and her appearance has changed beyond recognition. 23-year-old graduate of the Siberian University of water transport, which was called the most beautiful student of the University, appealed to the public for help, reports The Siberian Times.

The accident occurred on 20 August 2016. Maria was late for a meeting with her boyfriend for half an hour, causing him to become very angry. When the girl got in his car, they began to fight. During the trip, Andrew had not noticed the red traffic light and crashed into the SUV. Suffered only Mary, who was riding in the back seat. Her boyfriend and his friend were saved by airbags.

The girl received brain injury and pelvis and ten days spent in a coma. Because of what happened she forgot two years of my life in 2016 and 2015.

Parents Lebedeva filed for Andrew to court and demanded a million rubles to cover the costs of medical care. In addition, Maria receives a monthly allowance in the amount of 12 thousand rubles. The girl was treated in five different hospitals with varying degrees of success. Mother and father explain that they need financial assistance, as the daughter now receives an experimental treatment (

Video, photo All from Russia.


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