SpaceX launched who knows what


Photo: Gene Blevins / Reuters

Company SpaceX during the last launch of the Falcon 9 rocket launched into orbit a payload in the interests of the Pentagon, along with the original Spanish satellite Hispasat 30W-6. It is reported by Spaceflight Now.

Secondary load PODSat was attached to the primary, therefore has been tested a new extraction system associated satellites. This information edition confirmed in the American companies SSL (Space Systems/Loral) and NovaWurks, who participated in the project.

“This was a research mission, not associated with the current operation of the satellite Hispasat 30W-6. Such arrangements are becoming more common, as they help to cover the costs of the launch and stimulate innovation in the industry,” said Wendy Lewis SSL.

A company representative declined to disclose any details about the secondary load. Operating officer at NovaWurks James Greer told Spaceflight Now that PODSat operates in accordance with the plan.

The spacecraft for Hispasat 30W-6 was produced by SSL, PODSat meets NovaWurks, integration systems launch second satellite with the first carried out their joint efforts, notes Spaceflight Now.

Although the purpose PODSat not known, the publication notes that NovaWurks specializiruetsya on creating modules HISat (Hyper-Integrated Satlet), allowing to gather them together and place in each of them the necessary equipment. Spaceflight Now notes that secondary load PODSat is likely to include four cells HISat deployed to geosynchronous transfer orbit

The launch of Falcon 9 with Hispasat 30W-6 March 6, 2018, was the 50th launch of the SpaceX media.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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