The Chinese played in a mobile phone fell down and died


Frame: AsiaWire

The Chinese played in the phone during the tour, and crashed to death after falling from eight metres in height. This was reported by the newspaper The Mirror.

The young man arrived to tour the sacred Buddhist mountain Jiuhua in Anhui province with his father. While sightseeing he got tired and sat down on set to prevent the fall of tourists railing to play a little in one of the applications on the phone. However, he got carried away, forgot that behind him nothing, and fell headlong down.

The man flew eight meters and fell on the stairs rolled down. The fall was captured by a surveillance camera. He died on the spot.

In early February it was reported about the inhabitant of China, which dropped my new iPhone into the toilet, reached behind him and stuck. He was released half an hour later, the fate of the phone is unknown.

In China are actively competing with gaming and Internet addiction. Until January 2017, the country had institutions where adolescent gamers have treated her with electric shocks and exhausting workouts. However, after the last course of treatment the young man killed his own mother because she sent him there was a ban on the use of such methods.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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