The guy a month was sitting in the Dating app and brought the disappointing statistics


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A resident of Indonesia 28 consecutive days answering all the matches in Tinder and described the experience in the form of a detailed schedule. He told about it on Reddit emigrate.

User under the name keongmanja drew a graph where the painted detail the experience of using a popular Dating service for almost a month. Judging by the statistics, his profile was initially interested in the 53 girls who reciprocated his feelings.

Image: Reddit

However, the vast majority of them have not agreed to meet with man: he was able to date only nine girls, of whom only four came. The rest were cancelled or simply did not show up.

According to the schedule, even though they do match to organize a meeting was not too easy. 19 interviewees wrote that I do not know when they will have free time. Eight girls refused to go out because of the large distance between potential lovers. Some even wrote that I’m afraid of meeting guys from Dating apps.

For purity of experiment Keongmanja indicated in his profile that he is a 25-year-old man with traditional sexual orientation and higher education. The user sends all the girls the same first message, as 80 percent of its matches there was no description in the questionnaire.

To the questions of other users about held Dating man replied that he did not have sex with these girls, as Indonesia has a taboo on the relationship before the wedding.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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