The website of the Ukrainian hydrometeorological center mainil cryptocurrency


Photo: Andrew Burton / Getty Images

The official website of the hydrometeorological center of Ukraine engaged in the mining of cryptocurrencies. In the code of the site found the program-miner CoinHive that uses the power of computers of users of the site for mining cryptocurrency. It is reported portal

The existence of a JavaScript miner in the code of the site is not hidden, it is hidden in other files — code of the miner can be seen on the 35-th line in the HTML code of your site. It is not clear how the miner was inlined. According to one version, the program can be embedded in the site code as the result of a hacker attack. According to another report, the mining of cryptocurrencies has engaged technical staff of the site.

In February 2018, it became known that employees of the news departments of the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan engaged in the mining of cryptocurrencies in the workplace. To this end, they used the servers of the regional departments of the state revenue, the district units and the most powerful computers of individual employees.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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